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Australian Origin Chocolate - Dark Milk 52% - 100g block - Lemon Myrtle

$7.95 inc GST

In stock

Daintree Estates Australian Origin Chocolate


1 x 100g block

Chocolate doesn't get any more Aussie than this.  The essence of Lemon Myrtle blended with our locally grown and made cocoa in our signature Dark Milk high cocoa content couverture chocolate.  The result is a delicate and rewarding taste that is uniquely Australian. Daintree Estates delivers sustainable, quality products that are inspired by the traditions of our great country.


100% Australian grown and made
Made in Australia, by Australians from cocoa grown in tropical Far North Queensland by Australian farmers.  Daintree Estates chocolate is the first commercially produced chocolate in the world to be made from cocoa grown in Australia.  Can you resist it?

A portion of every bar purchased goes directly to the farmer whose cocoa was used to make it.


Daintree Estates chocolate does not qualify for Fairtrade accreditation because our cocoa is grown in Australia, and all manufacturing is done in Australia.  Fairtrade accreditation is only available to third world countries, which of course Australia is not.  Our growers, staff and contractors are all paid fairly in line with Australian labour laws which protect exploitation, underage labour or slavery.  You can eat Daintree Estates chocolate 100% guilt free, knowing that everybody involved is treated and paid fairly.




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